Hi! My name is Julien Cayzac. I am living in Yokohama, Japan and I am a senior mobile software engineer available for contract work as well as a technology intelligence independent consultant.

I have been writing software for mobile phones and personal digital assistants since 2002, running on Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, BREW and more recently iPhone and Android. My complete resume is available here.

I have started doing some market research and competitive technology intelligence in 2008, and it's now one of my main activities. I am writing monthly digests for my client companies, providing them with the most up-to-date information available about Japan's new technologies and new trends. Please have a look at my complete technology intelligence service offer for more information.

Most viewed technical articles:

Since those few articles from my programming blog account for a large part of this web site's traffic, I am putting them on the front page for your convenience.

  • Arc and distance between two points on Earth surface A C++ code snippet for computing the difference between two points on Earth, either in meters or in radians.
  • The Cumulative Displacement Filter A new GPS position filtering algorithm for unaided GPS devices.
    I present a simple way to eliminate most of the residual noise in positions sent by typical GPS units. It output smooth and evenly spaced positions, while removing part of the artifacts introduced by multipath, and thus is an ideal candidate filter for any road reduction filter.